L'eau, la pierre, la vigne

Between the Champagne and Burgundy regions, Tonnerre is proud of its "Little Towns with Character" rating.

Water, stone, vineyard

The Armançon river and its millrace, the perpetual waters of the mysterious Dionne Spring, and the Burgundy Canal have earned the town its nickname "the little Venice of Burgundy". St. Peter's Church, rising above the town, offers a wide panorama of the town and the vineyards around it, where the Burgundy wine of Epineuil is produced. The imposing Hôtel-Dieu Notre-Dame des Fontenilles, founded by Margaret of Burgundy, with its immense roof, and the numerous townhouses, all display the prominent place stonework has in the town. As a side note, did you know that Tonnerre was the birthplace ok the Knight of Eon, King Louis XV's diplomat and spy ?